The kids who study at the Dartford Grammar School are the pride of Kent. The students at this school take an active part in the local community and are known to be up for any challenge. When the parents and students of this school graduate, they have the opportunity to advance in a diverse yet unique world and can expect that their children will do well in the world that they create.

The students that attend this school are a blend of students of all abilities and backgrounds. In fact, the school is known to have excellent scholars in all special interests areas. And though they are a blend of all kinds of capabilities, the students of this school are actually schooled to excel in the arts and humanities and others that complement and enhance their abilities in other areas.

Students at this school are part of the One Kent Academy, an early intervention program that is used in the middle school and below. The school requires that all the students in the schools to improve themselves academically and socially. This program is designed to give students in the lower grades the tools they need to prepare for higher education.

There are a variety of classrooms that are available for students of this school, including traditional classrooms, which feature the picture window of the school. Other classes at this school are better suited for science and technology units.

The School of Education is the primary study area of this school and is also the largest of the teaching units. Students who participate in this program will be responsible for providing their own subject matter, school plans, college and career goals and future plans for themselves.

The school is affiliated with the Windsor District School Board, a group of several institutions in this area. And it is a part of the School District of Kent. It also offers the Council of Independent Schools Certificate Program.

Students at this school are known to be the pride of the local community. And all students who study here are skilled in all areas of learning, from academics to fun, sports and arts.

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